What is it like to be a Blogger

An article over my thoughts for what it feels like to have become a blogger. 

I’ll talk about how it feels to write articles, what are the pros and cons of becoming a blogger in general. 

And how blogging can help in developing and shaping up your strengths.

I’ll not be talking about the routines and typical day in the life of a full-time blogger. As it’s different for everyone.

Let’s get started!


Bloggers work hard to write quality content. Especially those bloggers who write what we call long-form content, that’s anywhere more than 1000+ words per blog post.

Becoming such a blogger is a pretty satisfying experience. 

You get to write your heart out and you’re putting your best foot forward. That’s like your most authentic CV.

Blogging shows your personality, it doesn’t matter if you write over a pet or even the most technical of topics, such as Space Missions.

For most new bloggers, it’s heartbreaking at the same time. Because you are giving in your best effort. 

But then very few people get to visit your blog posts. Because you have a new blog and no SEO set up as such.

Having said that, all of the successful blogs once faced these challenges. It’s up to you how you manage to handle them.

Quite a few people tend to use Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and other social platforms to provide much-needed traffic as they’re starting.

In your blogging journey, at times you fall for other’s approval. So let’s say you’ve received raving comments about how your certain blog post has helped them.

And then the very next blog post, for which you worked the hardest doesn’t perform well. 

So somewhere you need to learn to do it for helping people…But don’t set expectations for your target audience or gauge your success just based upon other’s opinions when you’re starting.

Each blogger has a vision they carry. It’s important to just be aligned with it, learn along the way and enjoy the high’s and low’s of the blogging journey.

At the end of the day, do what you truly think is right. That way, even if you end up doing wrong. You’ll not regret not doing it your way.

Clarity of Thought

Writing articles immensely help in becoming a better storyteller. 

You tend to think of your target audience, your message, story, relevant facts, and figures. 

Your mind brings all these resources together. With each new blog post, you practice a unique way of thinking clearly. 

You better your craft by using blog post formatting techniques. All of these steps help in creating a mental frame. One that you use to write valuable articles.

It leads to writing clearly and creatively, such that you develop a unique style. This style builds your brand and people would join your tribe.

The clearer the thought, the more interesting the write-up is and best of all, you enjoy writing it as well.

Consistency and Patience

Most bloggers, including me, talk about the importance of being disciplined to write frequently. 

Now your frequency could be daily, weekly, monthly or even quarterly. You must stick to a frequency, whatever sounds doable to you.

Newbie bloggers are like “I don’t want to stick to a schedule, but just whenever I feel like writing”…

As a solution, some people consider it as their business so that they can put in the daily effort at it. For some, writing at a frequency is being respectful to their audience.

 One thing is for sure, you need it to be able to build a tribe. 

So you need to find out a reason that best works for you and motivates you to write consistently.

Constant Learning 

Writing creatively isn’t the only blogging challenge. Getting your word across to thousands of other people is.

As a one-man blogger, you are the marketer of your blog. 

So everything from SEO, Social Media Management, Guest Posting, and so many other opportunities has to be solely managed by you first.

It isn’t rocket science, you just need willingness and persistence to be able to do it well.

In the process, you learn a lot about communication, people, and get technically better at all these aspects.

Once you understand the process, you might as well want to delegate a few tasks.

That’s how bloggers grow. As a freelancer, I’ve helped quite a few blogs to create their info-products. 

Moral: whenever you’re unsure of what to do. Just start somewhere, take action, learn from results and move forward.  

That’s the only best way I know of to grow!

Just don’t keep thinking, it never helps to let go of all these blogging fears. Eventually trapping you into thinking you can’t do it.

Risk-Averse and Planning

There’s not much risk for a new blogger.

When you work towards a blogging goal each day. You tend to face difficulties that bring out the best within you. 

As a result, you take risks and are open to learning from your failures. Sounds pretty obvious? Well, yeah but the point is I’ve strongly felt blogging has increased my risk-taking power for good.

What sort of risks?

  • Writing a 1500-3000 words blog post over a topic, thinking will that work or would it be a waste of my time?
  • To have a site backup and security plan. As I’ve lost blogs in the past just because of not having tight WordPress security in place. 
  • Risk of not being able to make it as a blogger, to not be able to earn your part-time bread and butter from it
  • Strategy risks, which social media should you be focusing on for the blog promotion?
  • Keyword decisions for blog posts, for writing your meta tags and the small week-in and week-out blogging decisions that force you to take risks.

So much so risk becomes second nature. You develop a healthy working mindset and aren’t as afraid of it as you probably were earlier.

Competition Spirit

It’s easy to find like-minded blogs in any niche. 

Consider them your healthy competition, to be able to learn from their blogging journey.

It helps to know others are striving towards a goal you care about. You can interact with them and collaborate to do a better job.

There another level of competition and that’s the real competition. The competition with your self.

  • Are you doing better than the last quarter/year?
  • Have you gained skills you weren’t aware of last year?
  • Did you out beat yourself in following a posting schedule for 6 months straight?

All these self mini-goals help bloggers to keep moving forward. 

Such a competitive spirit especially helps when you’re starting. When you have barely a few views at your blog posts, no comments and maybe merely a few likes. 

Things take time. Put yourself to work. Good blogging is all about that. Here’s the motivation you need to excel at blogging.


Blogging is a beautiful process to help you believe in yourself. Writing makes you think out loud. 

When you sit down to write the blog posts. At first, you’re hesitant to consider yourself a writer.

Over time, as you taste continued success in terms of writing content that helps people. 

People eventually notice your good work, most of them are kind to leave a response, some like and a few share your work. 

That momentum of awesome vibes boosts your confidence.

 And confidence does bring positivity, healthy perception, perseverance and passion altogether.

So that you soon consider yourself a writer. And magical things happen when you believe in yourself!

Helping People

As they say, do good and have good.

Most of the most successful bloggers I’ve seen are humble, down to earth and most importantly helping in nature.

They wouldn’t answer every email but they intend to help whenever and however they can.

When you work with such a spirit, I believe it takes you very far in life. Maybe not momentarily, but you’ll often have people say.

“I see something in you, but I don’t know what it is!”

That’s the spirit to do good. And life bounce backs your good at you, 10x more eventually.

Try it!

Improving your Art

In the end, we all want to become better at our art. 

But we all have our good days and not so good days as well. Times when we aren’t as motivated to write.

When we aren’t feeling like to do it, but we do it anyway. Blogging pushes us and connects us with the world of creative people out there. 

You soon become a brand and people consider you an authentic resource to learn about the subject.

Blogging makes you patient, it very well teaches you success doesn’t happen overnight.

It’s an amazing way to do what you want to do, help others, earn money and follow your dreams with freedom.

Just be ready to put in the work!

If you desire to start a blog, here’s a professional guide on how to start a blog.

Rest assured, it’s hard work for the first few weeks. As you may know nothing about blogging. But isn’t how any business is supposed to be?

Aren’t we here for a relatively short time? Let’s live it rather than regretting it later.

All in all, it’s a pretty satisfying experience. Yet, a pretty tough one if you have other responsibilities too. That’s the real beauty of becoming the best version of yourself.

Good luck guys!  

Do good, have good.

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