Tips for Starting Your First Business

Everyone experiences good and bad days. It’s just part of life. What’s important is to prepare your mindset for success.

It’s all the more important when you’re starting a new business, be it online or a brick and mortar business.

The reason I feel qualified to write this article is that I’ve struggled hard for a good portion of my life. It was never the most comfortable zone.

Looking back, those struggles seem so minimal. The only way forward is to keep moving, growing and achieving little successes.

Yet down the road, you will be hit so hard that you’ll have to start from scratch. 

Interestingly, we all know people who started from scratch, merely had any resources at all. 

But their willingness to work hard, being positive and looking ahead made them achieve unbelievable milestones.

It made me realize all of us have unique abilities yet all of us need guidance, motivation, and direction in some form or shape.

I’d like to pay it forward to my younger self, hoping a few mere tips would ignite the right energy to spark you on the journey of a successful business ahead.

There are two ways I can help, either by directly listing ideas for starting a new business. Or to help you understand the business mindset and what’s it like to go through it.

For some, the latter approach wouldn’t be something tangible. Rather a few philosophies based on my experiences and what can bring the best entrepreneur in you.

I believe the latter approach would help you the most though. There’s no harm in looking for ideas. It’s good. 

But only to keep looking for ideas over an extended period, with no execution over any is bad. 

Looking at business ideas soon becomes a favorite past-time, fooling yourself into believing that you’re working over starting a business.

Here are a few mindset tips:

Uncover Your Mind

Have you ever had a moment where little something happened that gave you an excellent idea?

That’s your mind, very powerful. When you consciously ask it to work over certain tasks and be aware of everything happening around you. 

You get unbelievable results. It takes time to practice this.

The point is you would not always get the perfect idea listed on a website for you. It’s you who will have to put your brain to work.

To think, to consciously sit down and focus. No one can tell you what to do until you know what do you want.

Know Your Why

Your why will strengthen your beliefs and give you the confidence to start a successful business.

Why do you want to start a business?

  • Is it only for money? A very weak why.
  • Because of Family? Do you have a strong mission? vision? Good.

The bottom line is, the better your why the better the results.

Go All In

Never do anything half-heartedly, even when you don’t feel like it. It’s hard but do it anyway.

There’s always a first time to do anything. Imagine, Microsoft, Google, and even the smallest of successful companies were started sometime for the first time.

Before it was successful, it was a vision. A vision is limitless. Someone used their mind, experiences, and energy to visualize the possibility.

Let’s take this blog, Good Blogging as an example. What are the odds of becoming successful amongst literally millions of other blogs?

Technically, none. However, it’s the vision that drives you forward. 

When you’re starting, the competition becomes meaningless, rather irrelevant if you put your best foot forward.

You might want to know about the Good Blogging journey and how it all started at About page.

Patience and Process

Consider your business, your baby. It takes time to born, you just can’t haste through the process.

Speaking of process, it’s something that keeps you going. When you are disciplined to follow a process, for example, an hour of writing a day. That’s a process.

When you follow a process with an ambition for an outcome, you learn. Learn to become better at what you do and to achieve the results you envision.

A business is always a marathon.

Balance Thinking and Action

If you are taking action without thinking, you’re in trouble. 

If you are only thinking and no action, you’re still in trouble.

The only way to progress is to balance the two. At any point in time, there should be a minimum of 20% action and thinking.

Set milestones to define your actions. Evenly spread them out, achieve and optimize.

A few decisions about taking the right action can seem small. But know a change in the new direction is never small.

A change is small only when you begin but becomes HUGE as it gains momentum. Keeping this in view, your new business idea will seem small.

But if you believe in it, just do it. 

Fail Forward 

It’s inevitable to fail at times, even when you do your best. So do your best and then if you fail, be glad you had an opportunity to fail.

Have an attitude of failing forward.

The more the failures, the greater your success will be. As they say, you find more ways of not doing a specific task.

Your perseverance and your power of sustaining through hard times will define your destiny. 

There will be times in business when you don’t see hope. There will be times in life when you won’t be able to get up early.

Because innately you feel stressed, left out, unable to achieve what you had aimed for. In those times of disparity, find ways to get back up.

If you have a viable idea, let your vision hold your hand and do it even better this time.

Start Small

Remember, you can never cross a bridge by running through it if you don’t know how to walk.

So learn to take baby steps, learn to walk the business. Start small.

Never let resources stop you from pursuing your goals. Resources can be created even when you have nothing. But willingness is the key.

Abilities can be nourished but willingness is the key!

When your intention is right, it translates into your offerings, product, services, brand and just about everything.

Start where you are, with whatever you can and take baby steps to go up from there.

Remember, what seems like a small step today will prove to be the stepping stone in changing your life.

Relieve Your Stress

We all care for our blood pressure levels to maintain good health. But do we care for our enthusiasm levels?

Enthusiasm is infectious and it’s all the more important in business.

Where does enthusiasm come from? Knowing that you did whatever you could do best.

The sense of self-discipline defines your enthusiasm. Are you convinced that you can do something?

Convince yourself first, before you convince others. When you are convinced, your enthusiasm levels increase.

Your enthusiasm helps you sell more and be more content with what you do. 

It adds meaning and contentment, let’s you relieve your stress of not doing well. Because you start to do well!

Believe in Yourself

The more you believe in yourself, the more the value you can provide to others. 

Eventually, your business and brand will become more valuable. 

You raise your standards, raise your perspectives, process, perception, prices when you BELIEVE.

The way to believe is to follow a process, fail forward and add positive experiences to your mindset.

Now or Later

The business was, is and always will be difficult. If you wish to have started it earlier, start doing it now.

Now is earlier than Later.  

I hope these few words would help you to take action. Because taking action indeed will make things happen for you.

If you want to start an online business, learn more about how to start a blog/website.

Do good, have good.

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