How to Start a Blog without Overthinking

When it comes to starting a blog, overthinking is your biggest enemy. I’ve been a victim and want to save you to achieve your dreams.

Whatever your resources, skills, or endeavors maybe, overthinking will either slow you down or tear your dreams into pieces.

What sort of overthinking challenges can you face, just to get an idea?

  • Am I writing about the right sort of keywords?
  • Will my content bring any traffic?
  • How much money can I make from blogging?
  • How much time does it take to start earning money?
  • Do I need to create landing pages first or focus on writing posts?
  • What social media platforms do I need to engage in?
  • Should I focus on my social media platform to grow there or my blog?
  • How about 1 great post a month rather than 4 small posts a week? 
  • Should I become more visual, which theme should I choose for my blog?
  • Why don’t I gather the ideal resources and start the blog after 6 months?
  • How about promotion? No idea how will I do that.
  • Maybe start with guest posting?
  • Who to contact first?
  • Oh shit, I never thought of creating the right list to network with the right people.

The thought process goes on and on. While some of these questions are very legit and must be answered. 

However, most of the questions derive from overthinking. Some people are good at managing time, action, and thoughts. Other’s aren’t.

Technically, starting to blog is merely a few minutes process. You install WordPress with a click and get going. To start a good blog though, there are so many steps that you lose focus and end up not doing so well. 

What I mean by a good blog is to have a content strategy in place, guest posting, promotion, theme, setting up several plugins, maybe even custom design, landing pages, exit intent, popups, newsletter setup, planning out info-products and so much more random planning pops up in mind.

What’s the Solution to Overthinking?

The only successful way is to divide and rule. Divide the tasks into a bunch of categories and rule each one at a time. 

For example:

Writing content can fall into

  • Content Creation
    • Topic Research
    • Content Writing
    • Spell / Grammar / Flow Check

Whereas, promotion can be a separate category altogether.

  • Promotion
    • Guest Posting
    • Forum / Groups Marketing
    • Social Sharing

and so on.

Your mind should always remain clear at all times when you’re working at anything.

Once you figure out the tasks and place them into relevant categories. It’s like you have answered your mind for the popping questions it had. It will not bug you anymore. 

You have utilized overthinking to your advantage. You will see what’s most important for your blogging journey.

One thing at a time

The key to progress is a focused process. #goodblogging – Wow, that can become a great quote. A very powerful message right there.

The process is the time, the hours you put in every day/week to get things done. The focused process is when you do one thing at any given time, be it writing one compelling article, one guest post, creating a landing page, whatever that one thing is for you.

That’s how you progress; there’s nothing more motivating than progress. The progress itself becomes the catalyst to get things done effectively; to bring the best out in you.

The art is in knowing your limitations (time, money, knowledge) and figuring out which one task (from the categories) could be best achieved as part of the process.

Good Approach

Rather than expectations, you need to take action based on your values. For example, if your mindset is, good work will be noticed and compensated for.

Then you automatically put your best foot forward. It gives birth to an interesting cycle of positive thoughts. 

Rather than being benefits-focused, you become value-focused. Your primary focus becomes providing insane value to customers.

The benefits are byproducts, such as money. You eventually end up getting more benefits than you might ever expect. But it takes the right perspective to work through the problems as if they are opportunities. 

Because a solution is nothing but an opportunity realized out of a problem.

How to Start Blogging

If you’ve paid close attention, there’s no more “without overthinking” in the title above. 

Just because I want you to eliminate overthinking from your professional life altogether. 

Begin Blogging

I’ve written two beginner-friendly guides, to handle all the technical and non-technical blogging aspects.

Everything from registering a domain, keyword research, hosting, content writing, learning to use WordPress, and much more is covered in the following 12 steps.

  • A detailed guide, How to Start Blogging in 12 Simple Steps
  • Shorter guide, How to Quickly Start to Blog

Let’s do wonders!

Do good, have good.

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