How to Handle Blogging Stress

While blogging is very rewarding, both monetarily and cognitively. Blogging stress is real as well. It happens with the best of bloggers. 

Some call it unproductivity, lack of motivation, burnout, not fun anymore or in plain words, isn’t for me.

Interestingly, you can avoid it most of the time when you know how and when it happens.

So let’s talk about it before we learn to handle it.

How Does Blogging Stress Start to Happen

When you start blogging, you are very excited, enthusiastic and pumped up. So you naturally go out of the way to do your best. It lasts for a while, maybe a few weeks at best.


  • You go out of ideas
  • Can’t give as much time as you planned for 
  • Fewer comments and low search engine traffic takes a toll on your enthusiasm
  • You start to feel alone, writing in front of an empty white screen
  • You only write when you feel like writing; it could be late nights. So you let go of writing discipline, schedule, and compromise on priorities.

What happens next? 

You start to seek inspiration from very successful people. 

People like

  • Seth Godin – what I like to call him, The Marketing Mastermind
  • You hear about the Golden Circle and tend to learn more about Simon Sinek, his storytelling abilities, and get immensely inspired.

Huge respect for these people and their work. Simply unmatched and exceptional. 

But it only pumps you up temporarily. To do a good job for a few more weeks to go.

And then, you start to feel lost. That’s when you look at your peer blogs and start to compare yourself. Even worse, you gradually lose your belief in yourself. 

If you can relate to these symptoms, just know it’s not that you’re doing everything wrong. You need to objectively understand what’s right and what’s wrong. Then eliminate the wrong habits and keep growing the good ones.

I’ve suffered from these confusions and would love to give a few blogging advice to my younger self.

Why It All Happened In the First Place

A lesson learned, never compare yourself with anyone ever again except yourself.

While hustling is great, working 20 hours a day is not. Hustling is about being productive, to work efficiently (utilizing your talents to achieve your goals) and effectively (in a timely fashion).

We have all heard of the phrase, quality is more important than quantity. What brings you up to that quality mark is simply consistent action. Never fall for the perfection trap.

Don’t set expectations when you’re starting. Set a process in place, a process to do your best work for a set number of hours each week.

Think of crossing the bridge when you come to the bridge. It’s good that you may be pro-actively writing posts before launching your blog. But when you set a launch date, meet it, launch the blog and get through the difficult initiation.

One time action isn’t as effective as small repeated actions. For example, one excellent blog post isn’t worth as much as a few good ones. Working 1 hour for 10 days is better than 10 hours for a single day.

Find the right balance. If you can give it 5 hours a week, fair enough, start with whatever you can. Scale it further as you find success. Think objectively, rather than being pumped up to give it all your time and then none at all. Be the turtle, progress through your process (time commitment).

How to Recover from and Handle Blogging Stress

Morning Excercise

We all know the benefits of exercising yet we hardly get time to do it.

The key is to exercise regularly, even for 5 mins every day. You will notice immense energy and freshness. 

Early morning exercise is a good start of the day. It’s easier to keep up the productivity momentum when you start it positively.

Fun-Filled Weekend

A weekend is a powerful time to completely let go of all the stresses. You can choose to work at weekends. Do it, that’s commendable ambition.

But don’t forget to have effective fun.  Fun that lets you balance everything else for the week ahead. Fun recharges your batteries.

You need to know or figure our your most loved hobby, most valuable person, mini-dreams, and feasible wishes.

Once you know what they are, you spend some time doing that.

  • For me, it was archery during weekends.
  • I love spending family time as well. Taking my family for dinner, parks, fun land, etc.
  • Water parks and extreme sports excite me!

So find your fun spot and just have a great time.

Time Management

First things first, organize yourself. Keep your workplace clean and better yet, keep your desktop clean as well.

A motivating wallpaper is the beginning of your new destiny. 

Learn to manage time. You just can’t start writing at 3:00 AM coming out of the bed when you don’t feel like sleeping anymore.

Have a dairy next to where you sleep, or maybe use Google Keep Notes on your mobile. Take note if you feel like it’s a great idea. But don’t execute it right away.

For example, you might want to note down all the great blog title ideas. But that’s it, nothing more. 

Doing the right thing at the right time would keep you charged. Think of the future, live in present and learn from the past. Pretty simple to do when you become conscious of it.

Coworking Space

Have you been working from home for quite a long time?

Go and explore mini-office, see if you can get hold of a coworking space. Otherwise, maybe a library or coffee shop would do.

Changing your environments help. Let’s say you find a place and can work on Fridays from there. Go try it, It’s going to improve productivity.

Make Friends

It’s important to have real friends. Some with whom you can go out, watch a movie and just enjoy without any worries.

It helps to disconnect from the online world and enjoy nature with friends.

But equally important is to connect with bloggers and to make meaningful friends online. 

To network with bloggers in your industry, to learn from them. To share your journey with them and see if someone is a good fit for you.

Having such a professional support system will boost your moral support. To regain perspective and the right energy to keep moving forward.

It isn’t too difficult to find them either. You just need to be genuine and write to each one with gratitude. 

That’s how I connected with Adam Connell from Blogging Wizard and we’ve been good pals since then.

Increase Outdoor Activities

  • Go dine with friends or family at a restaurant
  • A long walk will rejuvenate you
  • Sit in a garden for a while
  • Do cycling
  • Go to seaside, hear the seashore
  • Like exploring? visit museums, parks, libraries

Cherish Your Existence

  • Listen to self-improvement podcasts
  • See movies with Friends
  • Write your random positive thoughts

Do Something Different

  • Clean your closet or shoes
  • Make a gift for someone
  • Try your cooking skills

Blogging doesn’t have to be stressful. I thoroughly enjoyed writing this post deep from my heart.

Hopefully, you will find the joy in reading it. I’d love to know your thoughts and experiences.

My goal is to help my younger self. A young soul that needs help in blogging the right way. I hope it has served you for good.

This is my way of paying it forward. Thank you for being here!

Do good, have good.

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