How to Choose Colors for Your Blog

It’s research-proven that colors have a significant psychological impact and gives meaning to your work. They can cause you to take certain actions and reactions.

Which colors should you choose for your brand? 

It depends on primarily three things, your target audience, your goals, and your industry. 

Just an example

Which color is at top of your mind when we talk about security? Probably black or dark shades of a few colors?

Would you ever trust a security company using a light pink color? 

Pink color might make you think this security company is probably for women.

Colors help you make quick assumptions. The key is to use it in your favor. 

We need to take care of contrast and color blending. Though, using the right colors must be a priority.

The same colors might evoke different reactions in different cultures, or merely because of personal preference.

We are speaking of colors in general to set the direction of our new blog/business.

Let’s first understand the meaning of different colors.

Differentiating between Warm and Cool Colors

The shades of green, blue, and purple are considered cool colors. Often used for resonating calmness and creativity.

Whereas, red, yellow and orange are warm colors. Often used for showing energy and passion.


Just so we know, all the colors except red, green, and blue are secondary. 

These RGB colors are considered primary, as any color can be made out of mixing these three primary colors.

Meanings of All Colors

  • Red Color represents

Power, energy, passion, desire, speed, strength, power, heat, and love.

  • Yellow means

Joy, optimism, happiness, sunshine, idealism, imagination, hope, philosophy, and warning.

  • Green shows

Nature, environment, health, good luck, generosity, and gains.

  • Blue portrays

Peace, trust, truth, security, confidence, technology, cleanliness, loyalty, stability, masculinity and protection.

  • Purple pursue

Nobility, spirituality, mystery, transformation, wisdom, and enlightenment.

  • Orange entails

Energy, balance, warmth, enthusiasm, and expansion.

  • Gray explains

Reliability, intelligence, modesty, dignity, and maturity. 

  • Brown suggests

Home, outdoors, comfort, endurance, stability, simplicity, and comfort.

  • White feels 

Cleanliness, humility, precision, innocence, birth, and marriage.

  • Black urge

Power, sophistication, formality, elegance, and wealth.

Understanding Your Industry

Now that you know what each color means. It’s time to find out which colors others in your industry are using.

There are a couple of ways to go about it. 

  • First 

Just google your industry, visit the different sites, and get an idea of what colors most competitors are using.

  • Second

If you have a business/domain name, for example, Good Blogging. Search each word individually and see which color best represents each word.

  • Third

Go to, it lets you find similar sites based on domain names. Type in your domain name or your competitor’s domain name. Find out relevant sites, get an idea of how are they using colors.

Understanding Your Audience

As you know about colors, industry preferences, all remains are your target audience and goals.

Ask yourself, who are you selling to or writing for? What are the demographics of your audience?

Maybe you figure out, males between ages 20-25 are your key audience. Then you need to take it into account. For example, if your customer base is mostly women. You might want to consider choosing such a women-centric color.

  • Color Men Loves

Blue, Black, and Green are unanimously loved by most men irrespective of their age, religion, and culture.

  • Color Women Loves

Purple, Turquoise, and Pink are the three most favorite colors for most women, any given day. Girls do like the blue and green color too!

Both gender least likes lighter shades of yellow.


As you research the colors that fit your audience, industry, and goals (products, services, offerings, vision, and mission). 

You will discover interesting ideas and may find a different perspective to add even more psychological value to your products.

Finally, you can always use WordPress to launch a blog and find your colorful theme.

It becomes much easier to find the right solutions when you’re clear about the colors you need.

On an ending note, which colors most attract you as men/women?

Do good, have good.

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