Essential Motivation to Start Blogging

Before we get to to the core of blogging motivation. Let’s get a few things straight.

Is blogging for you?

A question every successful blogger once asked himself. The truth is you’ll never know until you try. That’s the best advice you can get.

So it’s better to try than regret later about not trying. I’ve had my share of regret (for starting way too late) and don’t want you to suffer from the same.

More on that on About page. The regret however exactly isn’t regret because I firmly believe whatever happens does happen for good.

So you can consider it a wish, a wish if I could help my younger self, that is you.

So why do you need motivation for blogging in the first place?

  • You could be either looking to start a blog and need that push to get going
  • or already have a blog and need the motivation to do a better job
  • or you may be on the verge to leave blogging (for any reason).

I’ll be honest, motivation will only help you when you innately want to do blogging.

The golden question is, do you want to write articles? Does that make you feel good?

I would not motivate anyone who doesn’t want to blog. Or someone who only wants to blog because of its money earning potential.

Most of such people fail unless you create niche sites and have a bank balance to manage the costs.

If you’re in it just for money, blogging might not be the right fit for you.

Let’s say, you love writing and are reasonably good at it. What’s next?

It’s important to create a lasting mindset. Like every business, you will experience the highs and the lows in the industry. 

It shouldn’t stop you from doing your best work. To ensure that happens, you need to understand a few key lessons.

1) Start Small

Everything starts small and slow. 

Do you wake up every day and start working right away? I guess no. 

As early and fast as you may start the day, you will probably be going to the washroom, have breakfast, exercise, meditate, travel and all the other stuff before you get to work.

You pick up pace after having your coffee or even matcha for that matter.

But why don’t we realize this? If a day starts slow, a good blog is bound to start slow.

Good things take time to happen. Just engrave that in your mindset.

2) Small becomes Big

We all like BIG offers, preferably even FREE. Don’t we? Given the option, nobody is interested in starting small. 

Some even focus solely on results and at times, we are too quick to judge as well.

In reality, small success becomes a big success. We are making an impact from day 1, it’s just that we don’t see it. 

The results take time to appear and so we don’t pay attention to details. We are so focused on results that we don’t even give it the due time.

Let’s take a small hypothetic example:

Suppose if the blogging results were visible from day 1 and you make a 30 days plan.

To easily understand the example, let’s say each day you get double the results of the last day.

Let’s take the results quantitatively in numbers.

  • Day 1: 1
  • Day 2: 2
  • Day 3: 4
  • Day 4: 8
  • Day 5: 16
  • Day 6: 32
  • Day 7: 64
  • Day 8: 128  
  • Day 9: 256  
  • Day 10: 512  

It’s more than a 500% increase in results from day 1 to day 10. The only thing is we don’t see these numbers just yet.

You wouldn’t believe what’s about to happen.

So what’s interesting is when you start small, you don’t realize the power of starting small and how it could turn HUGE.

Here’s how:

  • Day 11: 1,024  
  • Day 12 2,048  
  • Day 13: 4,096  
  • Day 14: 8,192  
  • Day 15: 16,384  
  • Day 16: 32,768  
  • Day 17: 65,536  
  • Day 18: 131,072  
  • Day 19: 262,144  
  • Day 20: 524,288  
  • Day 21: 1,048,576  
  • Day 22: 2,097,152  
  • Day 23: 4,194,304  
  • Day 24: 8,388,608  
  • Day 25: 16,777,216  
  • Day 26: 33,554,432  
  • Day 27: 67,108,864  
  • Day 28: 134,217,728  
  • Day 29: 268,435,456  
  • Day 30: 536,870,912

Did you ever imagine such an impact in your wildest dreams? 

Think of days in months. These results can become a reality if you pursue a positive, creative and believing mindset.

Isn’t it mind-blowing?

Numbers are the simplest form of results. We started small with just 1, it remained a small number in the first 10 days/months but then it exponentially multiplied.

That’s exactly how you should start blogging. To achieve results, you might have to fail a few times along the way. 

Consider those inevitable lessons to success. Just do it, one step at a time even if you don’t see the results immediately.

3) You are Your Competition

Don’t we all admire and also want to become like those other successful bloggers in our niche?

It isn’t a bad ambition but competing with your self is the best direction.

There is something magical about competing with your self. I’ve tried it several times, it always works!

You realize everyone is a different human being, each has its strengths and weakness and so it’s best to be you.

With such a healthy mindset, you never get jealous of others and are super-focused at your work.

You become inclined towards deep work, doing the best you can.

While others may inspire you but you’re never rushing to complete projects in a haphazard.

Just because you are not competing with anyone else and are innately satisfied with your performance. 

As I said, results will come. You just need to do the best you can. In doing so, you will keep getting better without even realizing it.

To compete with your self, set goals. 

So if you’re generating 1K monthly blog traffic, aim to increase to whatever looks doable yet challenging to you.

And then, just do it by following a set process!

4) Celebrate Achievements

When you do achieve small goals, celebrate them. 

Some work hard but then over time get burned out. Just because they never plan to enjoy or learn to cherish the little good things.

Maybe we consider happiness as an end goal. At times we think we will celebrate and do all we want to, but only after reaching this huge goal we have.

The truth is even if you do achieve this huge goal, you’re not happy at the end of the endeavor. 

Happiness is a process, so be happy first and you’ll become much more productive too.

The celebration doesn’t have to be out of your budget. A simple dinner or just spending quality time with loved ones would go a long way.

Going out to the beach on the weekend with family. Maybe taking your kids to a park of their choice and to see them jumping with joy.

Whatever you can afford to do because happiness doesn’t have to be expensive. But at the same time, don’t expect it from cheap people. Just be yourself, go out there, spread love and be happy!

Set milestones, maybe traveling to a different city/country on completing the first 500 blog posts. 

Do whatever works for you. Whatever gives you joy and you think you can afford to do, even if the blog doesn’t help pay all the bills (just yet).

There is no way you can’t achieve something with such a milestone/reward setup for you.

Just be genuine to yourself, first.

5) Think it Through

Are you starting/planning to blog thinking for at least 1-3 years? 

You must do it; will massively help in the following ways:

  • It will help to put things in perspective. You’ll have no problems deciding over categories to write about. 
  • You will become much more patient. It’s natural to wish instant success but thinking long-term helps to realize everything takes time. So you get prepared to work for long-term with minimal results as well! 

I’ve personally started with a year of commitment in mind. It helps me to not want instant gratification and just be a little more patient.

6) Let’s Get Started

What’s the one secret to keep you going with blogging?

Just get started and you’ll learn all you need to along the way. Have a positive learning mindset. Be disciplined to start every day, to write a few words each day.

You don’t have to write for hours. If you can only write for 15 minutes daily so be it. But just sit down to write whatever time you can manage. You will shortly gain momentum. 

If you can’t write daily, decide on days you can and then force yourself to write let’s say 5 hours a week.

The more the time in one sitting (at least an hour) the better it is. Because when you’re writing, the distraction-free focus builds a great writing momentum.

At times, you won’t believe the number of creative words you will write in an hour. 

Eventually, it all boils down to hard work, practice and just doing your very best!

Because you can

Do good, have good.

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