Blogging What’s in it for You?

Naturally, whenever we seek to do something. First, we figure out its profitability. Just like everyone’s definition of success is different, so are the expectations of blogging.

Learning about how to start a blog is feasible when you are solely convinced to want to do it.

Let’s dive in more about what you may get out of blogging and if you have set your expectations right. 

Ever wondered why are there 440 million blogs out there? 

We all want to be heard, as individuals and businesses. Each blog has a goal, either focused on providing value or getting value. Interestingly, those who provide more value get more value.

Value is mostly whatever benefits your blog audience. It could be in the shape of articles, products, and services as well. Similarly, getting value could be in different shapes and forms.

Most people consider blogging way too difficult. Well, it is. What else can you expect with a global competition? But as a newbie blogger, it could be overwhelming more than difficult. 

But to say that 90% of these 440 million blogs aren’t successful would be unfair. To demotivate yourself right away thinking they couldn’t do it successfully so I might as well not do it. Unfair. 

It could seem to be true monetarily. But there’s more to why people start blogging in the first place.

Here’s why to start blogging

There are a few tangible and most intangible benefits to it.


For most people, money is where it all starts and ends. There’s nothing wrong with money itself. As we all need it to survive. 

What matters is why do you need the money in the first place? 

Your “why” for the most part dictates how much money you are going to earn. 

Is it strong and honest enough? 

For example,

  • You may be pretty much hand to mouth, starving at times and want to give your family a better life?
  • Everyone bullied you but you believed in you. You want that self-expression to touch other people’s lives, to help them believe in themselves? In exchange, get money to quantify your belief?
  • Maybe you want to help your most loved one in some way, in improving their life.
  • Do you have a dream for yourself or someone whom you admire? And the money is helping you to save up for that dream.

These are all good reasons and causes. But just to wish money for having a good life isn’t.

How much money can you earn with blogging?

Be the and you will find as many 0’s as you want. Strengthening why will help you to be the 1.

I believe everything has a scope. It’s how you perceive it, based on your experiences. For example, what could be the scope of a sweeper? Minimal?

But imagine if you think big, appoint a few sweepers and create a company out of it. 

Same is with blogging, the earning potential is limitless. 

There are so many factors involved that suggesting any figure would be immature of me. For example, niche, content quality, investment, post frequency, promotion and earning approach, etc.


For a great number of people, blogging isn’t their full-time job. Neither is their profession. For example, musicians, artists, and pretty much everyone in the creative field craves for fame.

Money isn’t their utmost priority as they are already making a living. They are more interested in creating a name for themselves. Some people naturally crave fame more than money.

While others would prefer money for fame any given day. 


There’s a world of difference between fame and recognition. People who need their work recognized often put their souls into it.

If you’re passionate about realizing a dream or have achieved a valuable goal. You would want others to know and to acknowledge it.

Skill Development

We all want to become masters in our fields. The urge to gaining new skills is there in all of us. While some love to read books on their own, others go for degrees and courses.

Blogging about anything will certainly make you a master of that skill. Not only because you may already know about the subject. 

But the energy and research it demands to run a good blog will naturally keep your skills up to date.


Blogging helps you speak your heart and mind on the subject. That self-expression gives a boost to your confidence and abilities. 

You feel heard, become more interested in the subject and provide unmatched value. You feel a sense of purpose, progress, and prosperity letting go of negative thoughts in your life.


I never paid attention to networking, especially while blogging. Even though I knew you are known by the company you keep. You’re the average of people you surround yourself with.

There’s always an excuse and clarification of not being able to do something. We all make mistakes and that’s okay. The key is to realize it, learn and move forward. 

Now, I’ve made this goal to network with at least one person every month. 

So blogging is an amazing tool to connect with like-minded people. You attract people with your writing. As your thoughts become feelings and translate into words.

Whether you write about unboxing a technical product or an awestruck travel review. Your personality, values, and experiences play a role in your writeups.

People who think alike or who simply feel you have provided value will join hands. You build a tribe of followers along the way. At times, peers from your industry will acknowledge your work.

You keep progressing and also build a support system of experts. So if you put in work in baby steps, blogging rewards you with a good network.


I don’t call myself a designer but I’ve learned to design in Adobe Photoshop. I’ve been doing it for years. Anything from designing banners, PDF, brochures and much more.

So much so that when I was working as a corporate marketer, I still loved designing marketing collateral for the company.

Unfortunately, none of my most awesome designs are with me today. Since I never considered myself a designer, probably I didn’t pay attention to save the work and build a portfolio out of it. 

Being a blogger, you start to build a portfolio from day one. Your writing adds meaning to your life. It could serve you as the stepping stone for getting ahead in the freelance industry.

Opportunities are limitless. When the work you do builds the momentum of growth over the years. All that work becomes much more meaningful. It starts to shape your identity.

Would you want to do blogging?

Here’s a detailed how-to start blogging guide for helping you to launch and grow as a blogger. 

Here’s a short guide to quickly start to blog.

Hope that helps, thank you!

Do good, have good.

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