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Good Blogging began its journey on Jan 1, 2020. Pretty new, huh?

The sole vision is to help enthusiastic people realize their potential and the mission becomes to provide insane value.

How did Good Blogging begin its journey?

The urge to help other young (at heart) individuals grew, to do something for people who want to make it happen and need unbiased guidance.

In the process, to be heard and to live with the contentment of helping my younger self.

Why now, why not 10 years ago?

It’s the very question I had a hard time convincing myself. Never realized it’s getting late. As they say, better be late than never.

Plus, blogging about blogging is over-rated. But that’s something I wanted to blog about after all.

During these years, I launched a few blogs, learned what works and what doesn’t. I’ve had a fair share of failures. 

But never got time to convince me, to blog about blogging. Until one day, I figured it’s now or never. 

My sole motivation was to provide actionable tips to hard-working people. People who want to do good for their families, friends, and society.

People who can’t or wouldn’t do it themselves. People who have potential and have believed in themselves, for once, to show them it’s possible.

Why Good Blogging? How did I come up with this name?

I went to an internet marketing forum namely DigitalPoint, for asking other’s opinions about my problem.

Here’s a glimpse of the actual question/conversations

The response from SpoiltDiva struck me. It reassured me of my abilities when I needed it most.

After we had a small discussion, I registered the domain right away.

That day, I promised myself to help all these people who need reassurance. 

To whom I can provide value and along the way, earn my bread and butter blogging. 

At the end of the day, we all invest our time and earn. So why not invest time in what I would love to do.

That’s how Good Blogging happened.

So where do we go from here?

You are talented in your ways. I don’t care what your background is, how unresourceful you are and what you can and can’t do.

In the end, one thing matters, you can do it if you want to. Give yourself a chance to explore blogging, if you wish to.

If you are considering to blog and have no idea whatsoever, here is my guide on how to start a blog.

Here are the pillar beliefs Good Blogging is based on

  • Everyone can write because all of us can think. It doesn’t matter if you’re not a professional writer. 
    • Just be yourself and you’ll eventually find a loving audience.
  • I couldn’t speak English in my school life. Never wanted to, didn’t feel like it, couldn’t afford to learn anyways.
    •  A tornado of realization hit me when a lecturer made me realize it’s a way of life.
    •  A language is a way of life. Since then, I’ve never looked back and have written hundreds of English articles. 
    • Nothing is impossible, the only limitation is our perception about it.
  • Change is the only permanent thing.
    •  I’ve been using the internet since the times of Geocities, Orkut, WordPress version 1 (Miles Davis, 2004), etc. I’ve seen the dot com bubble. I’ve had so many ideas. I’ve seen other people going successful with crazy ideas, such as Alex Tew’s Million Dollar Homepage. 
    • Ideas are nothing without execution. Action is the fuel your ideas need. I’ve learned it the hard way and that perseverance counts. 
    • Embrace the just do it attitude and fail forward. Learn what you can and act, you will know the rest by failing.
  • People matter. 
    • Doing good to others will bring the good back to you. Do good and have good.

What can you expect to read on Good Blogging?

Actionable guides about blogging.

Tips, tricks, strategies, hacks, and beginner-friendly guides about Blogging, WordPress (Themes and Plugins), Social Media Marketing, SEO, Freelancing and more.

Who am I? briefly

Hey! My name is Adnan Qaizar (aka Adnan Muzzaffar). Thank you for visiting me here.

I’ve been that teenager to whom people often said, I see some flair in you but I don’t know what it is. Interestingly, I felt the same way.

From early childhood, I’ve been interested in technology. One who believed in knowledge than degrees. While English isn’t my native language and I could not speak good enough until lately (2010’ish).

Though in early 2004/’05, I launched my first Blogger blog. Adsense was pretty new back then. I made my first $100 while learning to blog and the posts weren’t too good either.

With those $100, I could afford to purchase a domain and hosting. Good things started to happen as I progressed with my corporate marketing career. 

I miserably failed on the other hand with the first few .com blogs. Those failures were frustrating but I never looked back. 

Technology never ceased to impress me and so I did a 3-years IT degree. I became a hobbyist programmer. Here’s my programming portfolio: https://www.githubad.github.io

I’ve been juggling between freelance and a full-time job. While I’ve learned and loved each of my full-time jobs. Freelancing services is altogether a different experience. It is much more meaningful.

Communication and marketing with the right use of words became my core focus. As I learned more about the English language, it helped me to shape up my thoughts well.

That’s when I recently did my Master’s in Marketing. Issues and circumstances were always there but I never stopped learning new tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.

Strategizing, writing and digital marketing has become my cup of tea. I still feel like a newbie and know I have much more to learn.

But with whatever I know, I’d like to share my two cents with Good Blogging readers and pay it forward.

Hopefully, it will help a few people to learn quite a bit about blogging, business, marketing and life in general. All of my writeups are positive and hopeful. Because I’ve chosen to live that way for whatever years I have left in this world.

My sole intention is to bring your better days ahead. To help you pave the way to do good and to have good. Writing, blogging and everything about digital marketing is an art that can be learned.

If I can do it, so can you. Let’s do good and make the magic happen!


Adnan Qaizar

Do good, have good.

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