16 Productivity Tools for Chrome

Why Google Chrome Extensions?

63% of global users prefer Chrome as their primary internet browser today. Keeping this fact in view, I want to help bloggers to improve their workflow. 

When do bloggers feel most productive?

Like in any other profession, when you make progress. These chrome extensions help structure and speed up a few common blogging tasks.

From blocking ads to filling forms automatically, from finding a color RGB code to finding a page font. All of these different, well-performing and mostly unheard of extensions are discussed.

A few plugins boost your cognitive abilities, some help you to write better and some to manage your tabs effectively. 

Let’s get started right away! By the way, all these plugins are free!


The most popular plugin of all, it lets you to simply block ads from all the variety of websites. Be it annoying YouTube ads when you’re watching your favorite shows or just a blog with irritating ads with popups. 

It’s effective and does the job well and you can allow any website to show/unblock ads. 

For example, you might want to reward a journalist/blogger for his work. You can consider turning on the ads when you feel like the hard work deserves the ads to be displayed.

All in all, let’s you to seamlessly focus at your thing without any distractions at all.


Being bloggers, we visit tons of different websites. At times, we start to waste our time reading not so important things. Maybe just exploring for fun.

Therefore, all of us need motivation and reminders to do an effective job. Momentum helps us to stay focused.

Whenever you open a new tab, it can show a new motivational quote for you. Or you can set a custom reminder. So with each new tab, the reminder lets you focus to use your time effectively.


We have all used sticky in some way, shape or form, to note down what’s important. Digital sticky is even better, most of us have a desktop version of it.

OurStickys is a browser-based sticky and is even more powerful. You can add a visual sticky note on top of any website. 

For example, you visit GoodBlogging.com and add a sticky “To comment on the post”. Now if you visit Google.com, that sticky won’t appear. You can add a new sticky for this site though, each URL address.

The sticky will re-appear as you visit GoodBlogging.com again. It’s super powerful for managing projects, social media plans, guest blogging opportunities and so much more.


Not all of us are technical, have a programming degree or even know HTML for that matter.

But yet, we use WordPress, a content management system to do it all for us. Though, as bloggers, we best know about typography and aesthetics. 

As we visit websites, there are times we LOVE a certain font but we don’t know how to know the font details.

WhatFont easily lets you peek inside the code and shares the font details in a visually appealing manner.


If you are into keeping different passwords for most of every website. Password management can become tricky.

RoboForm helps you to become your password manager. With features such as 

  • Automatic logins
  • Automatic new password saves
  • Manage multi-step logins 
  • To keep your bookmarks, identities synced.

While Chrome with a Gmail login does most of that for you. It can help to keep a separate password management system in place.


Have you ever been in a situation where you need to update the page often? For checking deals, scores, comments, discounts, new information updates, page testing or just about anything.

Good news! Auto Refresh lets you enter the time in seconds or minutes to automatically refresh the page after the interval.

What’s best is you can have Auto Refresh to work at different intervals for each tab. 


Ever been in a situation where you like a certain color on a website and wonder how to copy it?

Well, even if you know how to read code, it’s always more productive to know using ColorZilla.

It lets you click anywhere on the page and copy the color code, that #value. So that you can use it to change your headline/text/link color, maybe banner background or to add it into the logo.

However it suits, but it drastically speeds up the process letting you focus on what’s important.

Web Developer

A very powerful plugin usually used by developers. If you’re not at all into coding. I still recommend this plugin.

Why do I recommend it? 

It lets you to 

  • Select screen space by dragging the mouse and know its pixel size via using Display Ruler from the Miscellaneous tab. Pretty handy when you want to know a banner size or logo or just to fill in space, to space dimensions with designers, etc.

Consider this a diagnosis tool, you can clear caches, play with forms, images and so much more. It can be a great addition to learning more as well.

Lightshot / Screenshot

Screenshots come in very handy for explaining a tool. Often our blog posts include website demos, tutorials or to guide users visually along the way. 

Lightshot is quick, simple, helps you to add details to the screenshots in no time. Details such as text and marking over the screenshot. It’s pretty simple to use and super quick.

Grammarly for Chrome

English isn’t my native language and I have a knack for words and better communication in general. More about it on the About page, of how I couldn’t speak English until my 10th grade. 

Besides, I make mistakes writing as other humans do. Grammarly helps me to correct my mistakes. Be it when am writing an email or just having a social media interaction.

Anything from the basic grammatical mistakes to rarely noticeable mispronunciations. It handles it all.

A pretty awesome thing to have in your blogging arsenal.


A smart nifty tool for getting you the people names, numbers, job titles, their social profile links and more.

You don’t need to visit websites to extract data anymore. Hunter extracts this information from public sources and shares it all with you in one place.


There are times when I want to publish charts, tables, and organized details while blogging. Other times, I like certain data and want to copy it over to excel as it is.

Just clicking copy (Ctrl + C) and pasting it (Ctrl + V) wouldn’t help. All of that formatting is lost.

CopyTables helps you to copy in different formats, such as rich text, tab-delimited, and CSV.

Using the hotkeys and mouse, you can choose to copy certain columns, rows or skip a few in between. A pretty robust tool to directly perform count, sum and other mathematical functions as well.

Tab Suspender

Being a blogger can at times mean to have multiple windows open and each window might have 30+ tabs open. 

When that happens, your system memory suffers. Each new tab takes a toll on the RAM, the memory. That, in turn, affects the overall performance. 

Tab Suspender is a life-saver and works flawlessly. It suspends each tab when you’re aren’t using it for a set interval, 30 mins by default. 

The best thing is as you return to the tab, it refreshes the tab within a few milliseconds to let you work without any hassle.

Plus you get, ample of configuration settings to play with to suit your needs.


Another screenshot extension. I use Fireshot for capturing full-page screenshots only though. 

There are quite a few full-page capture extensions. I’ve tried a few but none of them were as simple and effective.

Also, I’ve tested these plugins for capturing different kinds of sites. It worked fine for a few light-weight sites.

But when it comes to animation sites or say one with a javascript carousel, the screenshots weren’t so accurate.

Fireshot unanimously performed the best across all the random test websites.

Session Buddy

Have you ever experienced a time when you have a lot of important tabs open and the browser just crashed? What happens next?

Nothing ๐Ÿ˜› You take a deep breath and realize it just happened. Session Buddy takes all that worry away. 

It can restore the previous session ever after the browser crash, at just a click of a button.

On top of that, you might want to open a few tabs, say contacting 10 websites for guest posting opportunities.

 But you might not have time to reach out to them now. So you can save all such tabs together in a session. You can then close the browser, even the system and come back at any time later to restore that session.

Check My Links

When we end up writing a blog post or just while we are reviewing other pages. We want to make sure all the links we have used are working fine.

That’s when you use Check My Links. It is a pretty interesting visual guide for broken links. Turns the link background green if they are working or red otherwise.

Smart PDF – Files Converter Tool

Submitting proposals is second nature for most professional bloggers. Words are at the core of communication and convincing. 

However, the mediums used to do the same is equally important. Using word documents or just plain rich text isn’t sufficient most of the time.

You can go an extra-mile converting JPG’s to PDF, Word to PDF, PPT and quite a few variations there.

A Bonus Tip:

Let’s say your point of view is, I like all of these chrome extensions but afraid installing them all will bloat my Chrome browser.

Yes, too many extensions can be distracting. The solution is to use profiles.

Google Chrome lets you create multiple browser profiles easily. Just like we create multiple user accounts in Windows or Mac.

Each profile can have different settings, extensions, bookmarks, and just about everything. You can consider each profile to have separate everything.

So you may want to create profile such as 

  • Social Media
  • Blogging
  • SEO

And you can then install profile relevant extensions only. So when you are blogging, you can use that browser profile to blog productively. 

The steps to creating a profile:

  1. Open Chrome browser.
  2. Click the Profile button on the top-right corner, below the browser “X” button to close the window.
  3. Select the Manage people option. 
  4. Click the Add Person button.
  5. Type a Profile Name, anything you can recognize later.
  6. Select an image to identify the profile.
  7. Click the Add button.

That’s it, you can now see the different profiles from the Profile menu at the top-right corner.

Choose the profile, it would pop open a new browser window. Install the extensions there. Close the window. 

Now, you have a profile maybe with 20+ different addons targetted to solve a few related problems. You can create as many profiles as you like.

Was that helpful? ๐Ÿ™‚

Do good, have good.

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