12 Hours to Start Blogging Like a Pro

The blog post is aimed to equip you with the right mindset, tools, and guidelines to get you started blogging under 12 hours.

Without wasting any time, let’s get going!

Mindset First

Blogging is a skill, just like any other skill. It takes time to master it. 

And the biggest blogging mistake… is to keep learning and never start.

Out of curiosity, is blogging difficult?

One word answer; no. It’s a combination of skills such as SEO, writing, technical skills, social networking, persuasion and much more.

The more you have of them, the better you can blog. But to start when you have all of them is the worst plan of all.

Learn, adapt and change throughout your blogging journey. What’s appropriate today will be obsolete tomorrow. Embrace that!

How much time does it take to start blogging?

12 hours. Period. Here’s an hourly plan.

First Hour: Getting Ready

  • For the first hour, please read this detailed guide I’ve written on How to Start a Blog. It covers all the basics and advanced techniques for creating your blog.
  • Caution: You will get overwhelmed. So learn what you can, glance over what you don’t understand. Give it no more than an hour.
  • Be focused with no distractions. You must do it now rather than regretting not doing it 5 years later! 
  • The guide will go through starting a blog in detail. So when you go through these steps written below, after that reading that guide above. You will find the following process much simpler and easier.

Second Hour: Niche and Keyword Research

  • Plan your niche
  • Write down 5 topics you want to write about
  • Write about 5 topics you’re most knowledgeable about
  • Choose your niche, plan your sub-topics
  • Finalize the niche

Third Hour: Domain Search

  • So you have finalized your niche and are searching for a good domain name.
  • Great, always go for a .com TLD (top-level domain) as most a majority of the audience is used to browsing .com domains.
  • Use InstantDomainSearch to see if the domain you want to purchase is available
  • Use Namecheckr to check social username availability on various social networks
  • Keep the domain under two words and within 18 characters preferably.
  • Make sure your domain includes your primary keywords, such as your niche topic.
  • The domain should not include a – or an _, etc. Just make it meaningful with words.

Fourth Hour: Register the Domain, Get Hosting, & Install WordPress

  • You can use Godaddy for registering your domain
  • If you want to save a certain percentage on your domain name registration, use coupons from RetailMeNot. You can save up to 70% for new domain registration.
  • Your domain is just a name, it needs hosting space to reside the data over to.
  • I’d suggest you go with BlueHost hosting because it’s affordable and works pretty well most of the time. For only $2.65 a month, it’s an insanely good deal. 
  • If you can afford 10 times more, WPEngine is much better than BlueHost. But again not all of us can or would want to spend $35 a month unless we are doing it full-time or already have a side business.
  • Setting up with your BlueHost hosting account is dead simple.
  • You just need to click a button and BlueHost will automatically install WordPress for you.
  • The good news is, you get the same WordPress setup with BlueHost as you do with WPEngine or with any other host for that matter.
  • So you can optimize your blog for speed using cache plugins, to make up for the difference.

Fifth Hour: Learn WordPress 

  • Once you have the domain, hosting and WordPress in place.
  • It’s time to start learning about WordPress and how it works.
  • Simply log in to your WordPress account and glance over everything there. Yes, you will get overwhelmed.
  • So read this post about how to use WordPress for first time users and basic blogging such as to make posts, pages, etc.
  • Get to know how to upload images, how plugins and themes are used and learn all that you can in an hour.

Sixth Hour: Find the Right Theme 

  • Whatever niche you are in, just type the niche in Google and add “WordPress themes” to it. 
  • You will find plenty of suggestions for free and paid themes. Browse through the Google search engine results and you will soon find the theme that works for you.
  • The reason we look at these lists of best WordPress themes is to find a popular theme that has been downloaded at least a few thousand times, to make sure the theme is secure and works fine.
  • Install the theme, customize the basics, and set it up for success!

Seventh Hour: Install Plugins 

  • Plugins add a lot of power to WordPress. You will need a few plugins to add features to your website.
  • Features such as a contact page, google maps, maybe a slider and even social sharing tools.
  • Think of what you may need, search and go through the list of plugins in WordPress plugins page to find inspiration and install a few that you absolutely need.
  • Understand the plugins, tweak its settings and get them configured.

Eighth Hour: Setup Basic Pages 

  • You must have a few pages setup. Pages such as About and Contact are a must. 
  • But you might want to create a few more pages. Such as services (if you provide some) or photos (to add brand value and trust), maybe Mission, Vision, Testimonials and anything that reflects you or your business better.
  • Just put out some well-written content there and publish these pages. Keep it simple, don’t overthink it too much as you can always come back later and change it.
  • After a few months of blogging, you will want to improve these pages, anyways. And frankly, you should do that.

Ninth Hour: Create a Content Calendar

  • A goal is just like the new year resolution, we make it but hardly a few of us achieve it.
  • Creating a content calendar is a process, in addition to the goal, where you give in your best regardless of the results.
  • It will help you to take action, be disciplined and achieve small successes over time.
  • So prepare your calendar for the first three months. For the topics and posts that you would want to write. 
  • Just keep it simple and write it down (maybe just the titles in an excel sheet). Whatever you prefer though, it could be Notion, Trello, Asana, however, you’re comfortable with it.

Tenth Hour: Write Your First 500 words

  • You may not realize but the work you’ve put in the last 9 hours has made you focused.
  • It has made you brainstorm your niche and clear a few of your doubts yourself.
  • The journey ahead will not be easy but please enjoy the process. Especially, if you’re looking forward to making money blogging. You need to remember, it’s difficult until you’ve made it easy. You can! All of this will take time. So start writing your first post with that mindset; it will take a few months to reap the benefits and that too if you’re doing it right. So just be prepared.
  • That’s it! Follow your guts, follow your heart and start writing.

Eleventh Hour: Complete Your Post

  • Write a bit more, until you feel like the post provides insane value to readers.
  • You must learn to do blog post formatting. Here’s how you can successfully format your blog posts. It’s super important to make your posts look interesting as well.
  • So adjust and format your first post. You don’t have to perfect, you just have to do better each day. 
  • Give yourself time, it could take you even 3 hours to write 500 words. There’s always a first time, begin where you can and improve from there. Because you can!

Twelveth Hour: Review, Publish & Share

  • When you are done writing a crisp post, it’s time to publish.
  • Right before you publish, make sure you’ve added a featured image. You don’t have to know to design, just learn how to create images online for free
  • As a new blogger, you should have zero expectations. Expect no one even reading your post, let alone liking it.
  • Why? Because you don’t want to hurt yourself too early on in the process. You’re doing it for yourself. 
  • You just have to give in your best. That’s it. Period.
  • Share the post with your friends, family, and social networks if you can.
  • Otherwise, find fellow bloggers, connect with them, let them know you’ve posted an article. Seek advice and incorporate valuable feedback.
  • Keep learning, keep improving. That’s what good blogging is all about.

Promise me, you will give your new blog, your new baby at least 5 hours a week. 1 hour each working day, that’s it.

I promise you will go through failures (many of them), only to find out those were the stepping stones to your success.

Just know, you can do it. Because you can!

Do good, have good.

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